Information about the Bessarabsky Market Municipal Enterprise
Name: “Bessarabian Market”.
Organizational and Legal Form: Utility Enterprise.
Main owners: Kyiv city state administration.
State Registration Authority: Shevchenkivsky District State Administration in Kyiv.
Number and date of registration: No. 1 074 120 0000 011900, 21.09.1992.
SDRPOU: 05587984.
Shv: 055879826074.
VAT ID number: 100102776.
Taxpayer status: corporate tax payer on a general basis.
Legal: 01004, Kyiv, Bessarabskaya sq. 2
Actual: 01004, Kyiv, Bessarabskaya sq. 2
Phone 044-234-92-07.
Last name, middle name, position and phone number for the contacts of the head:

  • Director Kovalchuk Nikolay Aleksandrovich, tel. (044) 234-92-07 (has the right to represent a business entity without a power of attorney);

Bank name: JSC “Ukreximbank” Kyiv
Account number (-1v): 26002000025552.
MFO: 322313.
Schedule of the market: round the clock.
The schedule of the administration of the market: Monday – Friday from 9-00 to 18-00.
The charter of the enterprise was approved by the order of the Kyiv state administration from (KSCA) dated March 7, 2001, No. 406.
The main purpose of the enterprise’s activity is to generate profit by creating an effective market mechanism for the relations of producers, sellers and consumers, providing the necessary services in the market of agricultural products, food products, and services.
The property of the enterprise is the communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv and is enshrined in it on the right of economic management. Communal Enterprise “Bessarabsky Market” consists of 13 functional and production structural divisions.
Functional structural divisions include: administration, accounting, personnel inspector, lawyer.
The production structural subdivisions include: technical service, department of business issues, trading room market.
For the performance of duties, the Director is charged wages at the expense of the share of income received by the enterprise as a result of his economic activity, which consists of:

  • from the official salary and actually the time spent.
  • No premium premium:

55% of the official salary for fulfilling the financial plan for paying taxes on income and deducting part of the net profit in the budget of the city of Kyiv;
45% of the official salary for ensuring the established level of profitability.