You can pay for cryptography on the Bessarabian market in one of the payment methods: via a single QR code. Namely:

  1. A branded Paytomat tablet with a single QR code is installed on the trading location;
  2. The buyer scans the QR code with his cryptographic wallet (installed on the smartphone)

  4. After the scan, the page for the account creation in the cryptography is displayed, where the price announced in hryvnia is entered;

  6. Next you choose the cryptographic currency you would like to pay;

  8. The program shows the address of the seller’s cryptographic wallet. Payment is made;

  10. After payment, the seller receives a notification of the receipt of funds in UAH.

The Bessarabian market was the first to buy a cryptic product. At the moment, in this experimental format, there is one trading place with vegetables. The next step vegans street food cafe The management of the enterprise is ready to contribute to the spread of payment for cryptic currency in the market in the case of demand for this type of calculation.