The Bessarabian market celebrated the 106th anniversary and announced the winner of the best salogh contest

Celebration of the 106th anniversary of the legendary capital market took place on July 3. For the market employees and guests, the organizers of the holiday prepared an exhibition of archival photographs for the construction of the Bessarabian market, dining and gifts, jokes and surprises. The main highlight of the evening was the orchestra show, featured by the Eclectic Sound Orchestra and Stage Sound.

The organizers managed to combine the history of the Bessarabian market with its contemporary life in the event program, focusing on preserving traditions.
“The indoor market on Bessarabia Square is built with the same goal – to enable the Kievans to sell and buy in comfortable, civilized conditions. . Of course, time is not in place and the market will always require improvements and improvements. And the task of each manager is to help ensure that the market conforms to current trends, but did not lose its original purpose – to be a market! “- Mykola Kovalchuk, director of the company, emphasized in his speech.

Also, the leadership noted the winner of the contest for the best slogan for the Bessarabian market. The gift was given by Zoya Myasoy, a woman from Kiev, for the slogan: “Ukrainian color and traditions are the position of Bessarabia!”